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The Intentional Pursuit of Purpose

Purpose is what drives us out of bed in the morning. Kids to be cared for, work to be done, people to help have been my driving purpose over the years. Lately, as I’ve been disabled and lost my sight, my pursuit of purpose has become more challenging. I’ve immersed myself in Facebook groups, studies both for fun and for actual education, gotten married, had a dog but it has all felt kind of frantic crazed not truly authentic. I start strong(ish) and then finish poorly if at all.

agenda intentional purpose

Today I almost joined another challenge. It’s a good one, a worthy one, one that would help me. But I had to stop.

My Three Watchwords

Wholehearted. Purpose. Joy.

Before I commit to anything else, I want to ask myself if it fits these three watchwords.

  • Can I commit and follow through with my whole heart?
  • What purpose does it serve for or through me?
  • Will either the doing and/or the accomplishing of it bring me joy?

For this challenge, this particular decision, it was kind of a draw so there was one more question to ask myself.

  • From what other thing will I take the time?

I will fully admit to being halfway through the sign-up process before I got intentional and really thought about it. This just willy-nilly signing up for things is going to be a hard habit to break.

My plate is quite joyfully full. I made intentional choices to do a chronological study of the Bible, to better establish and grow my business, and to acquire and learn to use the tech and other skills I need to better manage my life as I lose more sight. It was hard to back out of that sign-up for the challenge but I made the intentional choice to pursue purpose and joy in just the right doses without adding the little “extra” that so often leads to frustration.

What decision can you make today that will make a difference in whether you’re intentionally pursuing your purpose and joy or if you’re just running around willy-nilly as I have done?


I love the one-word concept for a new year! Some years I’ve been a bit into the new year before I was given my word; this year I embraced it a couple of weeks ahead: WHOLEHEARTED. I am going to be wholeheartedly pursuing God’s purpose and abundant joy in my life!

wholehearted - heart made with hands; cloud and sun shining through

Spiritually, I believe that I need to approach all the parts of my Christian walk wholeheartedly. I obey (mostly) but not always wholeheartedly and not always with a glad heart. That needs to change. The same can be said of my prayer life and my service to others.

In my everyday life, wholehearted will look a lot like commitment. I’m famous infamous for making commitments and then having a hard time keeping them. I never met a conference, meeting, book, etc. that I wanted to say no to. It’s time to get really intentional with my time, my energies and my talents so that when I do commit, I can do so fully (a really nifty synonym for wholehearted!).

My coach, Jeff Caliguire, sent me “Tips to Make ’17 Your Year of Hope,” and much of what was on it can be applied to living life wholeheartedly. A lot of it is about fully living in the moment. Taking care of yourself. Helping others. (Yes, coaches have coaches, too!)

Wholehearted After Loss

I think maybe there are quite a few of us who have been traumatized by loss who need to learn to live wholeheartedly. Finding purpose and joy again is a huge blessing and, if you’ve found it, I’m so glad for you! But are you living it wholeheartedly?

Do you approach everything you do with an open heart, with joy, with your full attention, with gratitude that God has placed you in this moment?

Too often I answer no.

So I am wholeheartedly open to the work the Lord has to do in me and for me to do this year. I would love to walk alongside you as you rediscover your purpose and joy in this coming year.

Do you have a one-word concept for your year?